Adventure Club Rewards

Adventure Club Rewards

From Great Outdoor Store

Adventure Club Rewards

Our mission has always been to help our friends have fun and be comfortable in the outdoors. Now we also want to reward you for joining us as we educate and explore.

Show up.

Earn Points.

Get Free Stuff!

It’s easy and we keep track of everything.

At each Great Outdoor Store event you attend, be sure to sign in--one of the friendly GOS staffers will point you in the direction of the sign-up sheet. If you are reading this email, you are already signed-up and have begun to earn points! 

How you earn points:

Attend an in-store event: 15 points
Attend a group hike: 15 points
Bring a friend: you both get an extra 10 points
Sign-up for the Hike Group emails: 20 Points
Tag GOS in your outdoorsy social media post: 10 points per platform/month


Once you reach 100 points you will be rewarded with a cool prize that you are sure to use during your outdoor activities.

Each quarter in which you have earned points you will be entered to win a pair of Fjall Raven pants plus other awesome adventure related items!

Thanks for joining us, now let's go have some fun!


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