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Meet Lucy-George

From Great Outdoor Store
Meet Lucy-George



Where are you from?  What brought you to Sioux Falls,


and or What do you love about Sioux Falls?



I was born in Trenton, NJ and lived in Houston, TX for my first two years of life before my family moved to Marion, SD. I spent my childhood in Marion and moved to Sioux Falls in 2002 and went on to graduate from Lincoln High School. I attended Lake Forest College in Illinois and moved back to the state in 2014. I love the work DTSF has done to promote art and culture. I greatly enjoy First Friday events and Block Parties along with all the small concerts and art exhibits one can see. 


What are your top two outdoor activities and why?



I really enjoy hiking and sailing. Hiking pushes my limits and broadens my horizons. It's a way to feel the enormity of the world while also understanding the universal connection nature can create among people. When I was 14, my family got a small Sunfish that I learned how to sail on. Since then we’ve moved to a bigger boat on Lewis and Clark in Yankton and spend weekends on the water. I enjoy being on the water in any capacity, but I love sailing for its versatility. You can race, travel the world, or leisurely enjoy a summer day on the water. 



What is your favorite place that you have traveled to and





One of my favorite trips thus far is when I walked El Camino de Santiago. It is a pilgrimage that stretches from the French Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean, crossing all of Spain by foot. It is one of the most traveled pilgrimages in the world, so I got to meet people from all walks of life and many different countries. I also got to walk through various landscapes, climates, and cultures. 



What is your favorite part of working at GOS?



I love the people of GOS - other employees, our employers, and customers. It's so great to constantly be around people that love the great outdoors and are always excited to share their journeys and adventures. 



If you were stranded on a desert island, and only had 3


foods to have with you, what would they be?



Peanut butter, cheese, and Ramen.  

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