Meet Skyler

Meet Skyler

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Meet Skyler


Where are you from?  What brought you to Sioux Falls, and or What do you love about Sioux Falls?

            I am from Oskaloosa, IA; about 5.5 hours from Sioux Falls. I came to Sioux Falls to attend Augustana University where I’m majoring in biology. I love Sioux Falls because of the awesome community and the great opportunities it has for everyone.


What are your favorite outdoor activities and why?

            My top two outdoor activities are running and hiking. I have been running since I was in middle school and now compete for Augie’s cross country and track & field team and have enjoyed my countless miles on pavement, trails and mountain pass all alike. I love hiking because it is a great way to get out and surround yourself with nature. It is also easy to turn a nice hiking trail into your next running loop.


What is your favorite place that you have traveled to and why?

            My favorite place I have traveled to was Scotland my sophomore year over spring break. We spent several days hiking around the Highlands and the Isle of Skye where we took in some breathtaking sites and got learn about the culture through the people who lived it.


What is your favorite part of working at GOS?

            I love getting to learn about the next big thing; hiking, climbing and traveling has become an integral part of our society and making sure my friends and customers are prepared for their next big adventure is extremely important to me. I also get to work with a great sales staff who feel more like family.


If you were stranded on a desert island, and only had 3 foods to have with you, what would they be?

            I would want Gilberto’s breakfast burrito, Perkins 5$ Unlimited Pancakes after 9 and James’ banana bread.

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