Meet Alex

Meet Alex

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Meet Alex


Where are you from?  What brought you to Sioux Falls?


I’m originally from the Minneapolis area, and I ended up in Sioux Falls when I started at Augustana University. I have to admit that I was less than charmed with Sioux Falls when I first arrived, but I quickly grew to love the community here and the dedication to small business that was so readily apparent.



What are your top two outdoor activities and why?


I love to hike, hammock and kayak. Hiking is a wonderful challenge, and it pays off when you reach the top of a summit for the amazing view from the top. I like to hammock and to kayak for the same reason. Both activities are very calming for me, and allow me to center my thoughts and spend some time with the outdoors and just take it all in.


What is your favorite travel destination and why?


I went on a trip to Guatemala and Belize, which was probably my favorite travel experience that I’ve ever had. The people in the small indigenous community that housed us in Guatemala introduced us to the culture and customs while teaching us about their view of the rainforest and what it holds. Belize was incredible for many reasons, but the main one being the sheer spectrum of colors that spread across the sky and the water at sunset. It was nothing short of stunning.


What do you love about working at GOS?


My favorite part of working at GOS is learning about gear specifics alongside a fantastic team. They are incredibly welcoming not only to new staff but also to everyone who walks through the door, and they embrace my unrelenting stream of questions about all of the outdoor gear that I want to become familiar with.


What 3 foods would you choose to keep you alive on a deserted island?


I love to cook, so choosing only three foods to have indefinitely isn’t easy. I’d probably have to go with pizza (obviously), burritos and lo mein. You know… the essentials.

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