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Meet Kelsey

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Meet Kelsey



Where are you from?  What brought you to Sioux Falls,


and or What do you love about Sioux Falls?



I grew up in Arizona, moved to Albert Lea, Minnesota with my family just before middle school, and am currently finishing my last semester as a senior at Augustana University here in Sioux Falls. I love how much Sioux Falls has to offer, but it still has a small-town community feel. And even thought we are in the middle of the midwest, I love how Sioux Falls has so many different and unique cultures from all over the world, both at Augustana and in the community. 



What are your top two outdoor activities and why?



My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and fishing. I love the "on top of the world" feeling you get after completing a hike you never thought was possible for you to complete. Also, one of my hidden talents is the ability to eat an impossibly large amount of trail-mix after any given hike (or on any given day.)  I grew up going hiking and fishing with my family, and even though I've caught some fish definitely worth bragging about, I could also sit on a boat all day, not catch anything, and still have the best day ever. 



What is your favorite place that you have traveled to and





My favorite places are a tie between Alaska and Cuba. Alaska is easily the most beautiful place I've traveled to (as well as the breeding grounds of the previously mentioned fish that were "THIS BIG, I swear!") While Alaska displays it's beauty through mountains, rivers, and forests, Cuba presents it's own unique beauty through the people that live there and their culture.



What is your favorite part of working at GOS?



Both the people I work with and the customers I meet. The staff are seriously some of the coolest people on this planet, and I have gotten to help some pretty rad customers prepare for adventures of a lifetime. 



If you were stranded on a desert island, and only had 3


foods to have with you, what would they be?



Peanut butter, avocados, and tortillas. Coincidentally 3 of my top 5 favorite foods, (sorry lemon-meringue pie, you're probably not sustainable for a desert island environment,) I'm at least 73% sld survive off of those 3. 

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